Accelerate Youth Convention

Thank you for considering participating in the Accelerate Youth Convention. Oftentimes youth complain that adults don't listen to them, and speak at them. We hope that through the organization of Accelerate Youth Convention they will feel empowered today and in the future. We have organized a high-energy, fun, College, Career, and Health fair. The goal is to expose up to 1,000 underserved 13-19-year-olds to non-traditional future career options.

Accelerate Youth Convention will take place in late spring 2022. There will be large and small group breakout sessions as well as vendors from colleges, local businesses, demonstrations, and other visual aids.

Accelerate Youth Convention is sponsored by Gas It Up, Inc. Gas It Up Foundation is a 501c3 organization, therefore all charitable donations are tax-deductible. Accelerate Youth Convention will be seeking vendors. Donations that are given will go toward awards for student contests that will take place such as Best Business Pitch, a Poster contest for teen health-related topics, sponsorships/scholarships for participation at future youth activities, and summer camps.

We are seeking partnerships with the following:

Norristown Area Public Schools

  • Jr. ROTC/Step Teams
  • Offices of College & Career
  • Local businesses.
  • Trade organizations and associations
  • Trade organizations and associations
  • Colleges/HBCUs
  • Healthcare and local hospitals, sponsor teen-related health issues and poster contest
  • Aviation-Young Eagles Program, exposing the youth to aviation in all fields, possible flight experience
  • STEM/STEAM-E careers and hands-on experiences
  • Mindfulness, Yoga, and Hip Hop Zumba demonstrations
  • Engineering Firms/Associations
  • Mechanics
  • Plumbing
  • Construction
  • Local Entrepreneurs
  • Computer Sciences
  • Technology
  • Local community leaders and government officials
  • Local and national celebrities (TV & Radio, and athletes)