By The Numbers

What is GIUF role?

Since 2021 GIUF has had an impact in STEM by investing in STEAM-E Labs for public and private schools in local communities. GIUF also partners with corporations who are in the STEAM sectors to offer internships to GIUF fellows. GIUF has also established partnerships for GIU fellows to ensure job readiness.

The Gas It Up Foundation Model

The Gas It Up Foundation (GIUF) model is to enlighten, elevate, and empower (3E’s) the communities that we serve. In order to achieve the 3E’s GIUF outlined the approaches, short-term outcomes, and long-term outcomes.


● Exposure to project-based STEM education and projects

● Exposure to colleges and universities

● Internships in STEM field

● Create networks of STEM professionals

● Strengthen cohort-based peer community

● Scholarships based upon need

● Homeownership

Short Term Outcomes

● STEM-focused college path preparation

● STEM-focused college and career aspirations and readiness

● Interning in a STEM related field

● Peer and adult networks

● Sense of positive STEM identity

Long Term Outcomes

● Entrance to and persistence in STEM major & career

● Sense of belonging and connection to STEM community

● Homeownership identity